An NFT collection raising funds for Narcolepsy research and awareness

The Artist Behind

Women of Narcolepsy

Kylie Pine
is a 16 Year old artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s had a roller coaster of a childhood that ultimately led to her diagnosis with Narcolepsy.

Since her diagnosis, she has used her digital art as an outlet to combat some of her symptoms, and it is from her desire to help others with her condition, that the Women of Narcolepsy NFT collection was born.

Campaign Overview

The Women of Narcolepsy NFT Collection was created with the goal of raising awareness and funds for Narcolepsy research. Each unique artwork was created by Kylie Pine – a self-taught digital artist, who was diagnosed with Narcolepsy at an early age.

We have partnered with ‘Wake Up Narcolepsy’ and will be donating a portion of the NFT sales revenue to them, to directly fund Narcolepsy research and provide assistance for those currently living with Narcolepsy.

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The Collection

8,000 generatively created NFTs to make up a unique collection to represent the variety of people that can be affected by Narcolepsy. In Kylie’s case, Women of all facets of life. The collection was created entirely by 16 year old Kylie Pine, who was diagnosed with Narcolepsy at an early age.


Unique NFTs


Different Traits


Custom 1 of 1s

$250 USD

Public Sale Price


As we near closer to minting day, there will be lots of important dates popping up. Follow our socials so you don’t miss anything!


The Pre-sale will last from August 15 to early September 2022 at a price of USD$200 apiece.

Public Sale

The Public Sale will launch in mid-September 2022 at a price of USD $250 per artwork.


We have a few mystery giveaways planned through to the end of the Public Sale.

Future Drops

We plan to reward our WON collectors with airdrops from future collections that Kylie creates, as well as new projects affiliated with us.


Pre-Sale Price


Per Piece

Public Sale Price


Per Piece

Secondary Sales

Floor Prices
Will Vary

How to Buy

Option 1:
Pay with your
Ethereum Wallet


  1. If you already have an Ethereum wallet, use the button below to connect your wallet.
  2. You will then be prompted to choose how many NFTs you wish to buy. Click on the “Start Minting” button to start the transaction.

Option 2:
Buy with


  1. Use the button below to submit your Ethereum wallet address and pay USD $212 per piece during the Pre-Sale (includes gas fee) via Stripe. Credit cards are accepted.
  2. We’ll send your WoN NFT(s) to your wallet when the mint closes.

Option 3:
Bulk Purchase > USD$5000


  1. If your order total will exceed $5000 (Approx. 25 pieces during the Pre-Sale or 20 pieces during the Public Sale), use the button below to get in contact with us.
  2. We will send you our bank transfer details, and work with you to issue your NFTs at the lowest gas fees.

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Our Community

The Women of Narcolepsy NFT campaign is expanding the network of awareness and support around those affected by narcolepsy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mint prices will be equivalent to USD $200 apiece during the Pre-sale, and USD $250 apiece during the Public Sale.

We are planning for an August 13th, 2022 mint day at pre-sale pricing until August 21st. Minting during the public sale will start from August 22nd, 2022. Any changes to these dates will be announced on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Your piece will be 100% unique to you. There will be some crossover regarding certain traits, but no two pieces will be identical. And some pieces will have traits rarer than others.

In addition, 4 out of the 8000 NFT artworks will be ultra-rare hand-drawn 1 of 1s that represent the 1 out of every 2000 people in the U.S. who are diagnosed with narcolepsy. 

The Women of Narcolepsy have partnered with Wake Up Narcolepsy, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization based in Worcester, MA and 15% of all mint prices will be paid directly to Wake Up Narcolepsy to support their initiatives on narcolepsy research and awareness, and assistance for those living with Narcolepsy.

Watch Kylie’s Video below to hear Kylie tell her own story about how she was first diagnosed with narcolepsy and how she developed a passion for art as a means of coping with her condition. 

Watch Kylie’s Video

Wake Up Narcolepsy is an incredible organization with a wide range of events and resources for those who want to donate, or learn more about narcolepsy. We encourage visiting their site to better understand the condition and to support ongoing efforts to assist those living with narcolepsy. 

Visit wakeupnarcolepsy.org

You are purchasing a license to use your specific WON NFT for as long as you hold the digital asset. For more information, please visit the Terms and Conditions page.

Royalties from secondary sales of 7.5% will be split between Kylie, Wake Up Narcolepsy, and NFTx Entertainment Corp.

We have some giveaways planned, as well as free airdrops from future collections that Kylie creates and other NFT campaigns that we launch.

Commencing from Mint Day (August 13th, 2022), you will be able to connect a Wallet (MetaMask) by using our “Connect Wallet” button. Prior to purchasing, your wallet must hold enough ETH (Ethereum) to cover the mint price (equivalent of USD $200 during pre-sale or USD $250 during public sale), as well as the gas fees associated with the transaction. Gas fees are similar to transaction fees charged by the exchange and vary based on exchange volume and congestion.

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